Creating a CBN project, our team pays great attention to network / blockchain security. We are developing a unique product to protect the blockchain, based on Artificial Intelligence (ProchainAI). ProchainAI - artificial intelligence based on deep machine learning. Constant analysis of virus threats, the possibility of doss attacks on the network, network overloads - will give our product the ability to withstand threats from outside. Our goal is to create an Artificial Itelect which can protect the network / blockchain in real time from hacker attacks, doss attacks and overloads.

Check out our Roadmap 



  • Blockchain update​

  • New wallet release

  • Implement ProchainAI on the blockchain

  • Blockchain beta test


  • Global marketing company

  • Release of the finished, tested product "ProchainAI"

  • Attracting partners and markets


  • Project rebranding   (done)

  • Approval of a new project team (done)

  • Exchange listing


  • Minimization of transaction fees within the network

  • Ability to use offshore bank accounts

  • Marketing company

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